Interpersonal Communication

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“As I was applying to MBA programs, the trainer not only helped me to refine my answers to interview questions — he also worked with me on the ‘intangibles’ of effective interviewing, things like facial expression, tone of voice, and gestures.
“Now I feel much better-prepared to interview successfully.”


Consultant with a leading management consulting firm

Monterrey, Mexico

Effective Communication Sometimes Goes Beyond Words

Often, the success of a business encounter depends not just on what you say but on how you say it.  

The right words can fail to persuade if delivered ineffectively.

Fortunately, you can learn the non-verbal cues – the hand gestures, facial expressions, and physical postures – that convey confidence and competence during any personal interaction.

Training may also include:

tone of voice

speaking pace

style of dress

appropriate use of eye contact

appropriate physical contact

These subtle rules of communication can empower you to land a sale or to nail an interview.  Let us train you to use them to your advantage.

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We offer Businesses and Private Clients training in:

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Communicating Confidence

Learn to project self-assurance and authenticity.

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Communicating Competence

Learn to convey expertise and credibility.

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Interviewing for Success

Learn to prepare for interviews appropriately, to approach them confidently, and to transact them successfully.

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Making the Sale, In Person or Online

Learn to formulate your pitch, to rehearse it effectively, and to deliver it persuasively.

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