Accent Modification/Advanced Business English

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“The trainer has created a personalized atmosphere in our Advanced Business English training.
“Working with him was not only about pronunciation or the finer points of English grammar and vocabulary, but also really understanding key expressions like ‘red herring’ and ‘Monday-morning quarterback.’
“His style has made these sessions fun and engaging even during busy consulting hours.”


Principal with a leading global consulting firm

Dubai, U.A.E.

You Want Listeners to Hear Your Words, Not Your Accent

You worked hard to have the career you want, but you worry that your speech patterns are holding you back.

While it is rarely possible to eliminate an accent entirely, we can teach you to pronounce English in ways that more closely match the dialect used by newscasters, actors, and other voice professionals.

If you are ready for listeners to focus on what you say - not on how you sound - let’s get to work.

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We offer Businesses and Private Clients training in:

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Learn to pronounce words using General American English (GAE), the dialect commonly used by professional speakers, actors, and newscasters.

Learn to switch between GAE and your own accent or dialect when you choose.

Training may progress from individual sounds to conversational speech.

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Grammar and Usage

Review rules and standards of Advanced Business English, both spoken and written.

Learn to use words and sentences that suit your reasons for communicating.

Feel confident that your English is both grammatical and clear.

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Vocabulary and Idiomatic Speech

Find the words to convey your message with impact and precision.

Learn to employ common expressions and sayings that are used in business daily.

Feel comfortable speaking in meetings, on the telephone, or in any public setting.

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Take a Brief Screening Test

Not sure how your accent sounds to others?

Take a brief screening test using this link. Your business communication consultant — a speech therapist and Certified Instructor in the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language (P-ESL) method of accent modification — will get back to you shortly to tell you how your speech sounds when compared with General American English.

Speech coaching is also available to persons who want to learn to “switch off” a regional dialect at times.